Epilepsy Support

Below you will find links to organisations around Europe who have shared resources for women with epilepsy.

Thank you to all the organisations who have contributed information to this campaign.


Epilepsy Ireland (English):

Website of the National Epilepsy Centre for Pregnant Women contains information for women with epilepsy on “how we care for our patients”:

Epilepsy Action UK (English):

Epilepsy Society UK (English):

Tommy’s website:

Teratology information service:

BUMPs (Best Use of Medicine in Epilepsy ):


NHS (Guidelines for communications best practice):

BRAN – Choosing Wisely UK and Association of Medical Royal Colleges campaign:

Wherever you are on your journey, we have information to support you…

Thinking about having a baby - Women & Epilepsy
I'm pregnant - Women & Epilepsy
I'm already a mother - Women & Epilepsy